Crisis contingency planning
Photograph: My 'consulting room' on the go. In this case on-board ship following a pirate attack.

Vivant Artemis

Vivant Artemis offers a comprehensive range of services designed to provide psychological security to business clients and organisations.

Critical incidents vary in scale, nature and impact, but will almost always affect behaviour and performance. When people are prepared and supported psychologically, responses are better informed and regulated, recovery is faster and the gravity of consequences on themselves and others is reduced.

Services can be delivered on a case by case basis or via retainer agreement. Whatever your needs, first-class professional expertise and a flexible timely response worldwide, is my pleasure and personal commitment.

Client work includes:
Professional support during and post traumatic situations
On a case by case basis or via retainer agreement for organisations who want the peace of mind of having trusted professional psychological support quickly available. In this capacity, support has been given regarding intimidation and bullying in the workplace, maintaining the resilience of Critical Incident Management Teams, family support during and post-incident, psychological assessment, debriefing and treatment of survivors post-incident including, captivity, piracy, airline incidents, natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Support has also been given regarding individual mental health issues such as depression and burn-out.

Training in traumatic incident response, kidnap survival, family liaison and travel safe
Whether accident, natural disaster, captivity, threat, injury or death, the common truth is that traumatic incidents happen with little or no warning. A further common truth is that incidents are managed better if staff are trained. However, it is not until something serious occurs, a bomb explodes in an airport where staff are transiting, a colleague is taken captive, you are shopping in the local shopping centre and it is attacked by terrorists or someone has been critically injured in full view of colleagues, that the full impact of what being prepared means really hits home. And the full impact of what is being asked of the organisation in terms of the victim(s), their family and colleagues.

Clinical assessment of psychological fitness for deployment to challenging overseas locations
To ensure that potential staff are able to work comfortably within the culture and requirements of challenging overseas locations. Other factors include living and working apart from their families or conversely the ability of the family to adapt to the new environment. A critical factor is where staff are required to carry out armed close protection. The interview usually lasts for 2 hours and includes assessment of mental health and post-traumatic stress indicators. Where the person assessed is deployed, assessment updates can be made at agreed time intervals and/or following the occurrence of critical incidents. There is an option of on-line assessment update.

Psychological profiling of extortion and product contamination threats
Each extortion and product contamination threat has a unique psychological blueprint. Profiling employs any and all evidence available to inform the analysis of behavioural style, psychological health, possible motivators and likely progressions. The process is designed to advise investigations and follows the Academy of Behavioural Profiling (ABP) Ethical Guidelines for Professional Conduct (1999).

Major incidents include:
- 9/11
- The 7/7 London bombings
- The December 2004 Tsunami
- The November 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack
- The January 2010 Haiti earthquake
- The September 2013 Kenya Westgate shopping mall attack
- The July 2014 Malaysian aircraft loss
- The April 2015 Nepal earthquake
- The November 2015 Paris attacks
- The March 2016 Brussels bombings
- A significant number of kidnap, captivity, piracy, traumatic death and extortion cases over the past 15 years

Overseas client locations include:
Abu Dhabi, Afghanistan, Australia, Argentina, Brussels, the Caribbean, China, Dubai, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Kurdistan, Latvia, Lebanon, Malta, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tanzania, Thailand and the USA.

In addition to business clients, it has been a privilege to consult to the UK Special Forces, the Metropolitan Police Hostage and Crisis Negotiations Unit (including the National Negotiators Course, Hendon Police College), regional police forces, UK Emergency Services, the UN and NGOs.